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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Well, application sent off...
although my "statement of purpose" has not been bssed to 500 words. Instead, I just removed the 0 on the 500, and left it at 50 words. Let them puzzle over that.

Pictures... they asked for three 1"x1.5" pictures, and one informal? picture showing the candidate's interests. I sent them four 1"x1.5" pictures. I don't have pictures with me in it.

And you know, my GPA's too fucking low. It'll go up by the end of this semester, but not by too much, I'm afraid. Hiss.

Total munnies (Kingdom Hearts spelling of Money, if I recall... I wanna play Kingdom Hearts I!) spent on this ridiculous thing: $10 for two transcripts, $1+ for printing, $.42 for mailing.


I think a number of people can appreciate this: http://www.jaynaylor.com/betterdays/archives/2005/04/chapter_12_exem_1.html - "I don't feel a need to go out with boys and play silly social games."

...k, now onto studying.
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