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Les Mis


Um, yeah. Wow.

Let's see.. starting with lighting~
Not much there, it wasn't spectacular. Actors were typically lighted from the front with one or two spotlight, since the assembly hall's ceiling is really high up, and doesn't provide much lighting possibilities. Spotlights wobbled, occasionally, but.. meh, not much you could do about that, unfortunately. They also had a moving light system, but that was from the side only...

Sound... Javert's mic randomly didn't work at the start, but they got that fixed soon enough. And he, and Jean Valjean, were amazing.

Acting~ because I was so close (First row, 6th seat from the side), I could see all the actors really clearly. And, on occasions, hear them whispering to each other =^^= although that was on rare occasions. Little Cosette and Gavroche were so cute!

Set~ The slums split into two, and could slid onstage, or tumble onto it's side onstage and turn into the barricade (God that was Amazing... what I'd give to see how they did that). The entire floor could rotate, although it appear that it could only rotate clockwise. They fly in a bridge-like section that fit between the slums, and that was cool too. And they also had a flat (vertical) that had grates painted in it, and made it look like the sewers...

I sat in front of the orchestra... O.o that was spiffy~ got to watch the drum/percussionists.

Mmmmm, prompt with questions. I need to go fetch my laundry.


Oh, and I got my paws on Les Miserables - The Complete Symphonic Recording.

It's three CDs.

And the guy said it has every single word. So no more missing bits between songs, hopefully.

It was $60 ::winces::

I think it might be the last amazon link..? Either way, it's the first link (link directly from

::winces again:: so expensive... will share the wealth (unless no one wants it...), as long as you promise to go see Les Mis, if you've never seen it before.

I'll also upload the playbill, if anyone wants that.

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