Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mmm, yay for massive productivity today~

despite being (still) badly sick. And hacking my lungs out.

Damnit, I like me lungs where they are.

Mmm, I've backlogged on reading people's posts. That's what I get for staying offline (more or less) since my iBook's gone and being on computer only to do homework. Got math homework done in 3-4 hours, and understood none of it. Yay for mathamatica and c&p (copying and pasting + a bit of editing). Finished the hardest ECE290 lab to date, as well. Also before schedule.

Now to study for the EALC250 test tomorrow. Following that, I need to start studying for physics. Need to upload cutnell files to remotely accessable location, so I can download them on the ECE computers and print from there. Yes. Arrrrrgh. 10 chapters, more or less. Although I really don't need to ones for 1-5, I think.

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