Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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Single Post today...

...beautiful song, so sad. Will put it up, if anyone's interested, just tell me.

It'd be so cool if we could do Les Mis for drama club.

Oh, and yay, got an e-mail back from superdense. Will try and show up with Lady asap. Umm.. when ever we/they/you meet next. ^^; ::has searched the site and not found any dates or anything. Signed up for the mailing list though::

Hmm... most songs be good. Need to get DVD set, which exists somewhere. Need to get a better audio system, but I'm sure my dad will eventually buy that for himself ^____^ (yes, he buys himself fathers day presents, christmas presents, etc. It's amusing.)

I wonder if IB takes points off for low quality BS...?

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