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Ah fuck....

I think I failed that Physics final exam. T_T There were things I just didn't know. This is what I get for picking an 8 AM lecture session and not going. Well, not like those lectures really taught me anything... much of it is really just... doing problems and knowing how to do them. And how to use the way-too-many-formulas. I really needed to do well... I don't want more Cs... my GPA is bad enough. I should have stuck with plan B~ which was to study the past exams. Instead, I went with plan A~ to study the Cutnell textbook for concepts, and then problems.


I don't like being unhappy.

...happy news, happy news...........
...My NewerTechnology battery came in today! So I just finished replacing my iPod battery. Everything appears to be alright. The iPod hard drive is amazingly small. As is the battery. Instructions were easy to follow, although I was worried at points... Anyways, it's charging right now... ::crosses his fingers:: I hope I didn't break anything further....

Adium 0.81 released.

Damekko Doubutsu 10's been released, whee. May it cheer me up...

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