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jamapi 91%
techigoddess 87%
koishii_chan 87%
gamesiplay 72%
How compatible with me are YOU?

^_^ yes, and it's technically tomorrow, so I can post...

it's kinda disturbing that jamapi-chan is so high on the compatible list. And Lady is only at 87%. Phooey.

World Lit, first editing pass thru complete, it's now 1144 words, and minus one paragraph. May or may not put back that paragraph, we'll see. It'd due tomorrow, along with the English seminar thing. ::sighs:: Trying to decide if senior pictures are important enough, I'm tempted to just skip it and hope they contact me later. It's suppose to take an hour... an hour that I'm not sure I can give. >.<

7 full school days left. (Including Review Day)
8 more things left on my agenda (World Lit, Seminar, Palmer, Physics Test, ToK Presentation, Physics Lab, Physics Writeup Make-a-lab, EE meeting with adviser)

am learning to be organized. Curse thee, IB.

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