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oh, eah...

Some group (digi)fansubbed Card Captor Sakura Ep. 1... downloaded and watched it... Have to say, am shocked at how much Cartoon Network cut out... or whoever did the dubbing for CCS here. It's amazing, there's so much more to Sakura in the original version. And Kero as well. Have decided that I will download more episodes if they come out. Will also delete them after I watch them too, since they are licensed (why are they being fansubbed??)...

::nods:: semi-daily "report" of what has to be done today:
English World Lit. May or may not post it up after second editing/Logic check readthrough.
English "Chronicle Of A Death Foretold" seminar. Will have to try not to do what Chris Rice did today and not say anything. I'm sure I can say something, it's just be incoherent. ::sighs:: ::hates being put on the spot - will need it in the rest of his life though, especially if he goes into the engineering (software or hardware) sectors.::

Sometime later, I'm going to post a few (perhaps entire chapter) excerpts from Letters To My Son (by Kent Nerburn)... it contains some interesting advice, and some deep things to think about... Probably will post the chapter on solitude first.

more more real day to go in this week, then physics fun field trip (in Sis' group, yay!), semi-long weekend where I'll be hopefully watching matrix reloaded, as well as preparing for the other 6 things listed yesterday. Must add, also have to do my chinese essay #2 that I still haven't written. bah humbug. listening to this song again. Lady, I need to invite myself over to your house sometime to get some of my books back (Wizards First Rule being the only one I can clearly think of at the moment - did you ever read it?) as well as watch this movie (...with you? mrrrrrrrrreow?).

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