Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

One more exam to go.

Math.. I think, went well today. Despite not as much studying as I had planned, but much studying non-the-less.

I'm studying for ECE290 right now. It's at 8:00 AM. The current time stands at 2:50 AM.

My first hour exam was a 70/100, above average. My second hour exam was a 90/100, also above average. Looking over my first and second hour exams, I think I know everything.

I need at least 3 hours of sleep, if I'm to properly function. I'm a 10 minutes (loopy) bus ride, or 10 minutes walk away from my dorm. But people on my floor are done with finals, and rejoicing by being noisy. I don't feel like telling them to be quiet, 'cause I can move elsewhere, so I did. But I don't have an alarm clock... so if I'm to sleep where I am, I'll need someone to wake me up. But the someone's still studying, and I dunno how much longer... know, I think fate's just working against me on this final. Besides, it's friday the 13th. Yayfor.

...Oh, and packing is a pain in the ass. I ended up with more boxes than I had estimated... ::annoyances:: And I want to bring back more than will fit in my luggage. I'm already worried that I might be going over the weight limit (50 lbs) per luggage. Technically, my 8*50 stacks of CDs of anime that I'm bringing back to maryland weigh about 8*4 lbs. That's 32. Plus 10 lbs, my luggage itself. Plus all the other crap I have in there........ My second piece of checked luggage might be overweight too... Buggers.

I really need to convert these CDs into DVDs. Makes for easier carrying. Anyone want to buy my CDs?

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