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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Oh, wow.
You know, it just hit me.

I'm home.

And there's no homework I need to do, 'cause it's the summer now.

...Mmmm, slept for 12 hours, a first in a good while. I guess the less-than-3 hours of sleep every night for the past... 3 nights really wore me out.

[ edit ] Someone needs to remind me to write about how my trip of a 3 hour bus ride + 4 hour wait + 2 hour plane ride became an 18 hour trip back home. (yes, 3+4+2 = 9. But it ended up being nearly 11:00 PM by the time I arrived back home. And I left at 5:30 AM, as planned.)

Current Mood: awe

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