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Massive wave of boredom.


-See Star Wars. Preferably with people. Anyone available for kidnapping? *pokepoke*
-Program. I don't know what to make yet. I really want to make a 3D, more heavily projectile based Mario Smash Bros. of some sort.
-Program. I Do know what I want to do. I'm going to make something that'll pagescrape thefacebook's friends page, then save the data for each friend in a vcard, so I can import birthdays to iCal. But I don't know if I want to a) write it in Xcode and make a Cocoa MacOS X app, or b) script it in perl, then wrap it with Xcode, or c) do a, then b, standalone, and then add a javascript based app for you silly windows users.
-Practice Chinese yo-yo and see 'bout learning some new tricks.
-Practice DDR. Hahaha. ^^;;; I should do it now, since I can only play while my sister's not home/practicing piano/doing homework and while my mom's not teaching piano. XP Which means either now, or late at night, around 11 PM, if my sister is done with homework (unlikely).
-Finish sorting out all the random stuff (anime, pirated crap, pr0n...) I have on my computer/hard drives. I'm working on the pr0n. And, sad to say, I'm tired of it. Looking at pr0n, that is. I'm probably going to give up soon, delete whatever doesn't fit on a DVD, burn it, and give it to gordon or something. Once I do that, I'll move onto burning off anime... I'd like to clear off the 150 GB of stuff accumulated this year... and clear things off my home computers. Then burn some DVDs from CDs, so I'm not carrying around 60 lbs. of CDs. XP That was painful, heavy, and awkward, and almost cost me $25 for overweight luggage.

Any more todos? I'd like to see people, but I don't know who's around... nor what I'd say to said people, even if I did see them... my lack-of-conversational skills hasn't poofed while I was at college.

...I want to get a cat. But seeing how I wouldn't be home much... and we'll be in Taiwan for a while at some point this summer..........

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