Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

eh, heh, heh... bandwidth abuse~

Ever since I've gotten back, I haven't done much 'cept for downloading and uploading. Not always at the caps of my connection, but... >.> yeeeah. abuse.

I shall have all of Pretear in 40 minutes... I now have Adobe CS2 Premium for Mac, Gakuen Alice 1-8 (subbed) and 9-24 (complete, raw), 600 MB of Evanescence mp3s... those three Monty Python OSTs.

Kill Bill OSTs I and II, Phantom of the Opera Special edition CD, Norton Antivirus 10, MacOS X Server version 10.4 (CD-Rs?), Matlab 7.0R14 SP2, clean copy of Star Wars III that will appeal only to fans... I find I don't have any interest in watching that copy... it's not bad, it's just...meh. Don't feel like watching it. So much else to do and watch.... although I still look forward to seeing it with friends.

Lupin III: Stolen Lupin, which I think I already have... Mahoraba - Heartful Days 1-15..!?, Final Approach (complete series)... school fumble 1-7, Sukisyo 1-12... Futakoi 1-13, complete...

I have 24.8 GB remaining on my 250 GB external. This is sad.

Time to start planning how I want to burn stuff off to DVDs. Or maybe delete things. Futakoi may be deleted... Futakoi alternative is amusing, but the original is meh... same goes for other series that don't appeal to me... I wish I had the resources to collect and keep everything, but that's not the case... ::sighs:: Star Wars III will be deleted, as with half os the Evanescence mp3s, once I filter out those live recordings, etc. I'm not a big enough fan for those live recordings. Mmmmm... yeah. Shall have to watch stuff and decide. Which means time spent... oi. I'm never going to finish making thefacebook address book/vcard parser/maker (makes vcards out of facebook friends for easy adding to the address book... from where I'll be able to import birthdays to iCal so I don't forget).

Oh, the reason I'm up so early? driving the car back from Dulles 'cause my dad's going to Taiwan....

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