Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oooh~ / [append] strapless bras...? o.O

iPod court case... we may be able to make claims and get a battery replacement...

^^;;; I wonder if I can still do that... Maybe if I put the original battery back in...

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[append] Was chatting/arguing/whatnot with my sister yesterday, and strapless bras was mentioned, although I don't exactly remember why. And someone mentioned it again, on my LJ::friends page~ So, being curious, and wanting to know exactly how strapless a strapless bra was, I hit google...
So there's strapless bras that don't have shoulder straps... but what about this?
(it's the upper half of a female human, with a bra. Doing her best to look sexy. You define "worksafe".)

There's no shoulder straps. No back straps... how the hell does it stay on? Superglue?

...I'm sure there's more than one female out there laughing her head off at me, as they read this post. ^^;;; Wanna enlighten a kitty?

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