Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Dear LJ Abuse team.

Dear LJ Abuse team,
You guys work way too fast. I didn't even get a chance to taunt the idiot who posted in lj_everywhere.

What was posted:
[userpic that brad usually uses] YOU'RE A HOMO (antipartisan47) wrote in lj_everywhere,
@ 2005-06-03 20:56:00

Hi, this is Brad. I just registered this account for fun, check it out.

What I would have posted:
::snickers quietly from his corner:: No, you're not. You're a brainless idiot. I must, however, thank you for your post, and the existance of your journal. You have made me feel intelligent again. So again thank you, for being stupid.

(Oh, yeah, by the way, you should try to do some of the things in your pictures on your journal*, instead of photoshopping them - even though I doubt you have the capabiliy to photoshop. You probably just copied them from another sorce. Hotlinking, most likely. Anyways, as you try the things in those pictures, I would advise having a phone nearby with 911 on speeddial. 'cept, hopefully, you'll be too ignorant to, and die in the process of trying. But that would be, without a doubt, a good thing, since the world would be less one moron who thinks homosexuality is an insult. To quote monty python, "I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough water! I fart in your general direction! You mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!".)

*He had random photoshopped impossibilities, like oversized anuses, naked girls photoshop-amputated legs and arms, gay porn, anime porn, scat, and a very, very random picture of Team Rocket, from Pokémon. In general, stuff he probably thought was perverted and revolting (most of it was, actually... trying to dirty brad**'s name with that. ::mutters::). Note: I'm using "he", because I'm assuming that it's a guy. I'm pretty sure most girls aren't that stupid. Or blatantly so, anyways.

**Brad is the creator of LiveJournal. If you didn't know that, shame on you. And now you know.

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