Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mrrr... Permanent Accounts.

$149.50 (yes, I have a 50¢ coupon. Go me. ::snorts::)

Yes / No?


Support LiveJournal. Kinda.
100 Userpics that I'll never use.
I can finally update my style to S2 and set up my own crap. Wheee. Maybe better crap too. Sorry, it's 3:15 AM. Mind not the language.
Other Paid Journal Perks.
Phone Posts! And image space. The latter being nice and would be useful. At least I think we get space...?
Personal Mood themes~ (I think)

$150... Weep.
What if.. what if livejournal dies in the next 4 years? Then...... yeah.
Do I actually need those functions? The point of my livejournal is the content, not the pictures or the styles...

$150 could buy me some spiffy toys. Or books and CDs.

I'm going to bed. 20 hours remaining to make up my mind.

I also need to figure out what's wrong with my American Express card. It doesn't work. =o.O= I think their online activation system is broken...

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