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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
For future reference...
When they say 4.7 GB DVDs (1 "GB" = 1000000000 bytes), it's actually 4.3772161 GB (1024-sized bytes)

4680000000 bytes, apparently, is the safe side... that translates to 4.35858965 GB

So in reality, that's 6.375994 CDs per DVD. Rounding it off to 6 CDs per DVD, we get 8.3 = 9 DVDs per stack of 50 CDs, in terms of conversion. Or, if we go for nicer numbers, 10 DVDs every stack of 60. I've got... 600 CDs. 100 DVDs, but I don't intend on backing up that much, methinks. 'cause there's still more stuff on my computer to back up. Sigh.

I need to start on my S2 style... probably will use the base layout I made for xella - after all, I had designed it to handle multiple sorts of things. Must find it though.. ::makes a note to hunt for e-mails and archived codes at some point soon::

...100 userpics. Jeeze, I'm never going to use them all. Need to try out phoneposting. And e-mail based posting - posting by texting in from my cell would be spiffy - and possible now, with e-mail based posting. Anyone have random song requests in terms of a phonepost? 'cause I don't have anything in mind, really... mind, if I do sing in a phonepost, it will be locked friends only, possibly with more than normal friends-only filters... must protect the relatively innocent. Kinda. Maybe.

right. 'nuff babbling out of me. time to burn more DVDs and get back to socket programming.
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