Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Departing MD tomorrow morning at 8 AM for Ohio - stopping at my aunt's house there for the night.

Sunday, around 9 or 10, we'll leave for Indiana, where my sister will be dropped off for her music camp. Then we'll kill a few days, as we meander northwards, to Canada, where I'll get dropped off at London, ON, to stay with Karen until June 30th. (Lily and Ting will be there as well). My flight departs from Toronto, Canada (YYZ) and arrives in Washington, D.C. - Reagan Nation (DCA) at 9:39. So I'll be back in MD by then.

Mmm. Yeah. Whee. 8 hour drives.

Oh, and my parents will probably have my cell phone, so don't call it ^^;; They want to be able to keep in touch with my sister, who will take the "family" phone.

Sorry, Lady - still haven't met up with you and given you your various MP3 requests, and a copy of The Amber Spyglass. ^^;; and now you'll have to wait a bit more than a week.

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