Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


ah, my physics teacher provided the much needed laughter for today...

"i'm an idiot"

hehe, ok, so it's not that funny, but opening up my mail application and finding a message with the subject "I'm an idiot" from my physics teacher is rather amusing. (this e-mail was actually a followup for his previous e-mail which was supposed to contain the formula sheet for our test thursday... which he did not actually attach, despite, "Attached is a formula sheet..." - he's not really that big of an idiot, just kinda prone to mood (and hence) grade-swings... ::shrugs::)

gah, left the windows open earlier so air would come in.. we have too many computers... and computers tend to make the room hot and stuffy... but now there's a stupid bug on my screen... and I can't kill it, because that'd probably hurt my LCD screen. I need to get a glass cover thingie for my LCD screen... ViewSonic, VA720, if someone wants to look it up for me.

Finished reading palmer the second (highlighter) and third times (short notes - two handwritten pages). Now to finish writing my ToK script. Hmmm.. or maybe I'll shower first, stupid heat... I should just turn on the A/C, shouldn't I... now that would be the wise thing to do... alas, I'm in IB, so I overlook such simple things. yepyep. Now where did I put that box I think out of....? o.O

(oh, and I'll try and get back to people's replies (um, like, 10 from Jamapi-chan, one from Lady, one from mai-chan...) on Thursday >.< Palmer & ToK tomorrow, then Physics test thursday, so I most likely will be too busy studying tonight and tomorrow night... gomen, gomen...)

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