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General plan for the weekend.

Drive tomorrow [10 hours] -> Indiana, a hotel there, and meet up with sister.
Drive tomorrow [8 hours] -> Ohio, to sleep at my Aunt's house, and see sister Saturday morning.

Saturday late afternoon, depart for NYC. Stopping midway, probably in PA, somewhere. O.o Sleep the night, then continue driving Sunday morning, aiming to get to Gershwin Theatre by 12:30 for the 28x $25 front row seats lottery (there aren't any other seats left, aside from $300 ones which I don't want to get.)

Kill time in NYC. Dad goes to his conference, and sometime between monday and tuesday, we depart for our mom's godmother's (or something like that) house in NJ (an hour drive from NY), then from there, to home, a 4 hours drive.

So, is there anything in NYC we should go see while we're there? Mom got tourist book thingies, but... meh. I'm hoping Lady will have something of note that I should go visit while I'm there, but suggestions from other people are more than welcome. (locations mentioned in SYWTBAW are ones I've been thinking of, but I don't know...)


Oh, and my mom's starting to get annoying. I've been getting lectures every single day. Mostly about behavior or attitudes towards things. And 'cause half the time, there's some measure of truth to it, making it more annoying. Grr.

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