Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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bah humbug.

I lack motivation.

Am trying to push myself to study. 'cept I'm just absolutely worn out. Keep telling myself, "2 more day, I can do this." >.< Then 5 exams..

I am lacking motivation.

Yeah, that's more accurate. I'm lacking the desire/capability to sit down and do work. Like, I end up updating livejournal, watching various episodes of CCS, and in general, wasting too much time. Mef, will go back to mentally pushing myself to get stuff accomplished.

Oh, yeah, I have a 69.3% in history. Probably failed today's Palmer. ::shrugs:: I know I didn't ace it. Last one this year, anyways. I should study history over the summer to get (hahaha, yeah right) an A next year in history. Need to study math and physics too... as well as several subjects (writing, Math IIc, Physics) for SAT IIs. Need to find time to relax, program, watch all the anime I have. I've taken to deleting the stuff I've watched now... Well, some of it, anyways.

::wanders off to waste energy visualizing complex circles/line arrangements in the air around him::

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