Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Harry Potter

Garrrh. Keep your stupid little paws off Ginny and go chase after Malfoy. You know you want him! *coughstalkercough*

Whee, done reading at 4:40 AM. 'bout... 5 hours after starting.

And fuck it, he can't die! It's not... right. No, I suppose it is. Garh. Jeeze, this could be the most looked-forwarded to movie out of all the harry potter movies. And I want the next book. Even though it's getting darker and darker now. And now I wish Harry didn't have to break up with Ginny. ::sighs:: They were happy. Like how I've been happy, at points, with Lady and moreso with Karen. ::siiiigh:: why can't life be perfect?

And snape. Mmmm... I think snape will help Harry in the end. Regardless of whether he wants to or not. Recall, he's under a vow.

Hehehe, so amused by the irony of the fact that Harry did well in potions because of Snape's mother's textbook. Hehehehehehe.

Ok, now for bed. ::yawns, and dies::
Tags: harry potter

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