Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

For any of the newly-to-college people

Mini refrigerator/microwave bundle for $100
Matched on subscription to vendor "" offers the Haier 1.8 cubic foot refrigerator
bundled with the Goldstar compact microwave for $99.99. We
couldn't find this bundle for less if purchased separately
elsewhere. The fridge features a slide-out wire shelf and a
half-width freezer compartment with ice tray, while the
microwave sports ten power levels and auto defrost. Shipping
adds $54.72, or order it online for in-store pick-up. Offer
ends July 30.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

- No, I don't actually know if this is really cheap, but it should be pretty cheap... o.O I think... ^^;;
Tags: deals
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