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iBook Death. 6th time now...?

So my iBook has died. Again.

This time, I'd guess that it's due to something being loose inside... tapping on the area where the hard drive is located will instantly blank the screen - LCD backlight remains on, but the screen's blank. That is, if it even boots successfully. Which only happens once every... 20 minutes or so, giving me about 2 minutes of working time every 20 minutes? If it works at all.

And now that I don't live in the dorms, I don't have access to a computer lab that's open 24/7. Grr.

Yeah, more reason to pick up an ok, but cheap PC. Something as backup. Being without a computer doesn't make me happy.

Hm, this also means xanga crossposting will be on hold for a while ^^;; not like anyone from xanga will actively come here to read and discover that.

ECE385 (the scary 3 hour lab from 3-6 PM?) today wasn't too bad. I randomly found a nice, kind senior and paired up with him. No, doesn't mean I can slack off, of course, but it means that he won't be as ignorant as I am. That, I think, was the only stoke of good luck today.

I've been unable to back up most of the stuff from my iBook. Will continue trying, but I intend to send it off as soon as I get the box. At the moment:
- Downloads (12-16 GB)
- Recent e-mail, be it sent, recieved, whatever. Looks like I should start CCing sent mail to my archive location on gmail.
- AIM Logs
- Calendar. Not really that important here, but it means I'll be a bit blind when it comes to some events. Should have e-mail copies around though . . .
- A few new applications. This is quite minor, though.
- A few stepmania songfiles and stepfiles (Mostly Pump songs) - minor, they were hard to get, but not impossible to retrieve.

Managed to back up class notes, though. Whee. Those would be unrecoverable, and worth the most out of all of the data thus far.

Last sync of my home folder occurred... probably around early August. Not too bad, but not too good either. I really, _really_ should start syncing on a daily basis. I should also clean out my sync location - right now, only new data is written in. Old data is left as is, unless there's a newer version, in which case the old data is overwritten. This means clutter and duplicates will occur... which isn't that bad, since I do have space... but... wasteful.

Must check e-mail, then work on homework. Stuff due tomorrow. 7:30. Yay productivity?

I need an mp3 player. I'm completely without technology right now, minus my watch (you better not die on me. I'm not going to send you in for repairs too, goddamnit.) Oh, and cell phone. Hmm. Yeah, you better not die either.
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