Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
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Grr. Stoopid job.

I keep thinking about it. That needs to stop.

I need to pick up ASP, C++, and SQL, especially if I want the jobs I tend to aim for. I need to pick them up... oh, a year ago. Goddamnit.

I just want to hide under my blankets and not face the world. I don't like it.

[edit] Yeah, if I had a job, I could buy Reason for tablet? Drawing circuits in ECE210 lecture is hard with a trackpad. It would make note taking faster, I think. Emphasis on think. And that's 30% off the price from wacom! =T.T=
And an iPod. And pay myself back for the apartment. And the food. And honestly start saving money, as opposed to fake-saving, which is like, hunting down the cheapest deals in the world and grabbing those.

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