Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

iTunes 5.0

As well as a quicktime update.

iTunes 5.0 completely changes the GUI - now it's... mmm... it looks better, I think. Less rounded, but that means you get more of the amount of space it takes up on your screen.

Hmm. Smart shuffle option. That's kinda spiffy.


Snark. There's now a "Parental" preference pane - allowing podcasts, the entire music store, and shared music to be disabled. There's also the option to restrict explicit content.


Oooh, our local best buy has the graphire3 now! Wasn't there yesterday night! That means no shipping costs... dropping it down to $66 with tax, after rebate. That's.... 30-40% off their listed price. Hell, that's cheaper than eBay prices.
Tags: apple, software update

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