Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


93 on the physics test, go me. one stupid mistake, and the rest of the point were kinda... random, although I understood the possible reason why.

it's hot outside.

Hmm... there's was much much more to say, but I've forgotten what. I should go study for my finals...

I type fast with one hand because it's useful and I do it too often. _NOT_ because I've had extra practice with one handed manipulations. Stop giggling, Lady. Sheesh.. ::sticks his tongue out at her::

And wow, Person-In-History-Who's-Name-I-Have-Forgotten-But-Think-It's-Rattsuputin-Or-Something-Other took forever to die. 8 cakes filled with cyanide (eh, spelling.) and then shot once point blank in the chest (did he have chest implants, was that it???), then in the back twice (oh my god, he got back implants?? now why would you... oh, nevermind, I didn't need that image, and I'm sure you didn't too..)... and then wrapped in a rug (a rug??) and dumped into the river... then when they fished him up several days later, apparently he was still alive, physically, but probably not mentally.

Will go do the math review packet for semester two now. Calculus tutoring session today at 8, will hopefully have questions to ask.. otherwise we'll cover more mutlivariable calculus stuff (awesome stuff, as addictive as cheese. In a good way, of course.)

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