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My body's been... not running so well lately. Well, I haven't exactly treated it that great either - at... 6 hours of sleep per night, more or less. When I want 8.

ECE385 sucked today. I thought I had our circuit debugged before I went in. But that wasn't the case. This is the second time. Fuckit, I have to stop being lazy when it comes to testing. Need to actually write out test cases and try that way. As a result, we got 3/5 of our demo points, and I was late to work. Then I couldn't find the right show code to clock in under... hopefully that doesn't screw up anything - but yay, worked for... 2+ish hours today, so that's a bit more money.

I need to go hunting for those silly psych experiments that pay nicely. Or just find a job. But I doubt the latter will happen anytime soon.

Exams are coming up. Fyzyx is next week, as is ECE210, the day after. Yayfor. And CS is next monday. I should read up on the funny C++ things. Or watch the video recordings (Yes, our prof uses the spiffy recording equipment in the lecture hall and records his lectures!). ECE210 is worrying. Fyzyx... maybe slightly less so: I know how to use the simplified Gauss Law thingies now. CS... Feh. I better do well there.

There's still something in circuits that I don't understand. I think it's the part with resistors and current and voltage flow through them. I know the basic rules, but putting everything together with KCL and KVL always causes problems. And I don't know why, despite reading the lecture notes twice now, and finding the awesome (50 MB) electrical engineering handbook that's 2801 pages. :D God bless ebooks and irc's bookwarez channels.

I plan to read the engineering handbook from top to bottom, but I think that'll take me... probably a good 24-48 hours, seeing how it actually takes a bit of time to absorb what it's actually saying, and I can't just file the knowledge away in my mind to reference it later, like I did a long time ago with that kid's encyclopedia. Not like I remember much of that anymore. Hahah. I think I just need to remember more, and then put it together in my mind on the fly - that would make absorbing information faster, 'cause I need to form links in my mind from thing to thing. But linking things seems harder now, for some reason. Hence my bad memory for faces and names, for japanese, for history. Bleh. Need to hunt for ways on improving my random memory abilities.

Yes, this is getting long. Yes, I ought to stop. So, I'll leave you a general to do list of things I want to get around to doing.

To do:
DDR. I brought the pads, but I haven't touched them since. Garh. And my apartment has no one underneath, and the carpet is thin enough to dance on, I think.
Draw. I bought the beautiful and awesome Graphire3, I need to draw now. Must.
Read. It's been too damn long since I've read a non-required piece of reading material. Well, no, I've read news articles daily, pretty much, so make that, "it's been too long since I've read books with magic in them".
Double Yo-yo's. Not the yo-yo sort of yo-yo, but like the chinese yo-yo/diabolo type. 'Cause there's a freshman that knows how, and I've seen him start it on his own, without someone throwing the second yo-yo to him. And now I have two here with me, so I should be able to get it going. Took him a good month, he said. Let's get it in a week, once I start trying.
Sing? Hah. Yeah, right. But I should poke my non-existant singing voice to see what sort of sounds I make now.
Bake the stupid sugar-cookies-in-a-bag I got.
Talk to Karen-senpai.
Ask Lady for her magical meatball recipe.
Light my toilet on fire. Just kidding.

Sleep. Of course.

Remaining things this week:
CS MP due friday.
Krannert work, again, at 3:30 PM Thursday.
Study, Fucking, Study. ECE210! Physics!
Chinese yo-yo performance on Saturday. Practice on friday and saturday afternoon.
ECE210 pre-lab next monday.
ECE385 pre-lab friday.
...physics? ECE210 Mallard? ECE210 Written? I need to check on these.

Ok, I'll stop. Go back to reading your other friends now. =.= zZzZzz....
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