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Steve Jobs vs. Record Companies

Apple Computer Inc. boss Steve Jobs pledged yesterday to repel "greedy" record companies' demands for higher music download prices, warning that any such move would encourage piracy.

Mr. Jobs, speaking before the opening of the Apple Expo in Paris, said some music majors were pushing for an increase in prices on Apple's on-line ITunes Music Store.

Apple's co-founder and CEO said record companies already earn more profit from songs sold through ITunes -- cutting out costs of manufacturing, marketing and returns -- than from those sold on CD.

"So if they want to raise the prices, it just means they're getting a little greedy," he said....

Hehe, yay!

The price is good - I'd buy from the music store, but the quality's a bit low for my liking. Although it might mean that CD prices might actually go up by a bit, so those like me who like hearing things at 192+ kbps vs, 128 kbps will actually have to spend more. ::shrugs::
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