Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oh, woe is me...

It was torture! It was uncalled for, unprincipled, unfounded, cruel and unusual punishment!! Those horrible (::frowns, then counts on fingers::) 6 hours of being deprived of my very livelihood, my very capability to live, to survive, to exist! Deprived, like fish out of water, like the earth from the sun, like a child from her mother!! Oh, woe is me, that I am writing this in the confined environment of this prison, cut of from the rest of the world like an evil convict put into isolation, but convicted of nothing! I am innocent, my hands stained with no man’s blood (no woman’s either), and yet, oh, what have I done to deserve this horrible, painful castigation? Nothing, I have done nothing!!! Oh, woe is me…

Alas, I have been blinded, my ears are deaf, my mouth, mute, and my finger… well, let’s not go there. I speak, but I am not heard, I listen, but hear only silence, I look, but see nothing. I am deprived of my natural rights, I am deprived of my identity, oh alas, what fair maiden will come and save me. Ummm… wrong story, nevermind…


…Alack, woe, sorrows upon sorrow (ewwwww…), what have I done to deserve such a fate? Oh gods above, hear my plea, return my internet back to me!


Right, anyways, connected at the moment with my dad's old work connection, on 56K Modem tho... can't stay on forever. Apparently there's a problem with the modem, signal's gotten weaker because of something or somewhat, so Comcast technicians are coming Tuesday between 2-5 PM to check. I have partial cable, really, since the cable modem works when plugged directly into the cable outlet on the other side of the house... but the network's on this side... so the only way now to get cable before tuesday is to install a wireless bridge. Wow, I probably I lost all of you guys there ^^;;;

Anyways, IBCorner will be down until I get can get wireless bridge (my dad is out shopping for one right now). ::sighs:: yeah, we're experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.

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