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Looking ahead.

Monday, ECE210 First Lab:
Prelab: not done yet.

Wednesday, PHYS212 Hour Exam 1:
Readiness: 10% - I... need a better textbook to study from or something. Lecture notes don't do jack shit. Hell, lectures tend to be too... I don't know. It's kinda slow for my liking. The Gauss problems review was GOOD. She moved almost too fast to follow, and I understand more. I need to do more problems. Correctly, that is. Or have people show me how to do problems. Maybe that's what the TAs are for. Hahaha... ha... Bleh.

Thursday, ECE210 Hour Exam 1:
Readiness: 20% - Some things I think I know how to do. I've been doing some extra readings, and things are flowing nicely. I just need to do shitloads of problems and make sure I'm doing things right.

Saturday, Apartment Bill Due. I need more checks, goddamnit.

Next Monday: CS225 Hour Exam 1:
Readiness: 0% - I haven't started studying yet. I can code, yes. I can read code, yes. But my familiarity with C++ syntax, and my knowledge of pointers, address references, and templates are very shaky and lacking.


I have 16-18 hours tomorrow. As things stand right now, I'm aiming to get up at 9, start on physics, do an old physics exam and get a C, or worse, then study some more. Eat lunch out somewhere, so I don't have to lose time to cooking or deciding what to eat. Poke at ECE, attend the fyzyx review session at 3 PM - 5 PM. Hit the union, study a bit more (maybe do another hour exam), grab dinner out, hit grainger or the union and do the ECE210 prelab, then study ECE210 (chapters 1-2, maybe. It'd be good to get all three chapters, but I doubt I can make that.)

Right. If I'm aiming at 9, I'm going to bed now. After I do the dishes.

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