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Mmm... My first not-really-grilled sandwich.

I just made a rather tasty grilled cheese sandwich. Or something like that. Whatever. Had a craving for something solid (after my not-so-filling dinner at Basil Thai Cafe - had their good beef noodle soup. At least the beef was good. The soup was a bit on the salty side, and the noodles were lacking in quantity.), so I heated up the toaster oven to a cheerful 450+/- degrees, took two slices of bread, sliced silvers of margarine on both (would have used butter, but we don't have any), and put on three slices of mozzarella cheese and three slices of that yellow, velveeta cheese, alternating between one and the other.

Left it in the oven, on a piece of aluminium foil, three slices of cheese on each slice of toast, for about 3-5 minutes, until the cheese was nicely melted. The with the slices combined, I had... something very yummy that was consumed within 5 minutes. :D

Today was lousy. The rain made me want to curl up on my bed, in a nest of blankets and just not get up. Which meant, I lost about 3-4 hours, on my bed, thinking about stuff. Pointless stuff, mostly, like how I could make a good tail for halloween, how I might go about giving people anime, how I could slow down time, how magic might work, etc. And not studying in general. Bleh. I'm about... 50% studied for physics. There's still formulas to figure out, and capacitance and gauss' law still be weird, mostly 'cause lectures do nothing for me, so I've been learning everything on my own. Mostly everything. I need better textbooks, ones that I can read, work on at my own pace, instead of lectures that are too simplified and too easy, and don't cover enough examples at a fast enough pace. ECE210, on the other hand... I'd say 40%, but that's still missing a lot of stuff. I don't know... I just don't feel prepared yet. CS... let's not even go there. I haven't look at that yet - but it's next monday, and unless I do get OK'ed for 18 hours of work this weekend (6 on saturday, 12 on sunday), I doubt it'll be an issue.

I do hope I get those shifts though, it'd mean 'bout 100 some dollars towards an iPod. Or the number of other things I'd like to buy.

...I'm gonna need more hard drive space soon. My external's down to 7, and my hard drive is down to 10. And I have about 8 GB of Mozart that I plan on getting. On second thought, maybe I should just skip those... complete collections are nice though.

Oh. Hum. I could burn them off to CD. Which wouldn't be too bad, since I don't listen to them much anyways... It'd mean leaving them behind though, when I travel. Grrr, data.
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