Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mmmm, Victoria Secret...

So a Victoria Secret catalog came in the mail today.

Was amused. Hope I get to see my apartment-mate's face when he sees it on the table :D Of course, if he checks his xanga subscriptions before I get home...

Interesting thing I learned today:
-Victoria Secret doesn't only sell panties and bras.
-Some jeans do help shape buttocks. o.O
-I think I can identify a cami when I see one. And a babydoll. Although why and when anyone would want to wear the latter, I still don't know.

And um... other thoughts to amuse.. eh. maybe.
-Females have waaaaaaaaaaay too many options when it comes to underwear. I guess I should be glad I'm not one, else I'll never get dressed. Yay-indecisiveness!
-Doesn't look like they make anything for people lacking boobs. Well, I guess those boots and jeans wouldn't matter much. Or the panties. (yes, "..." would be an appropriate expression for you to have in your mind right now.)
-Clothing is expensive. Does that mean it is better? Dunno - haven't tried anything yet. Don't got the money to throw in that direction. XP
Tags: odd stuff

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