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Crack puzzles, cracking up

So, the puzzlehunt competition is over. I got second on tuesday.

Feel free to try puzzles. I have some notes for things, etc.

Oh, yeah, the flash drive? It was a rather small 64 MB flash drive. I was disappointed. Come now, google. You could have made it at least 128, right?


And this entry cracked me up. As porsupah put it, "Beware the perils of waxing."


And I'm now the apache/CGI/massmail admin of our EC (Engineering Console) server. I'm not all too sure what happen. Oh well, let's see how interesting things get... I already had request to put in pdf files somewhere, and had to poke around much, and use sudo, 'cause of odd permissions. And now I have another request to find out what went wrong with an application submission.

Need to read up on Apache2. And SQL. Suggestions?

[edit] puzzle link fixed.
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