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I've had more dreams of Senpai and Lady than ever in the past.. month or so. Like the one last night, of being at a random asian(-populated) sports (Ping pong...?) camp, and senpai was there, and there was much, well, being with her - talking, laughing... at some point, a few kisses, I think. I think there was another one where I was with her a week or so ago... Lady.. think the dream with her was a month back... I think we were back in black maskers or something. Don't remember.

Dunno, what's my mind trying to tell me? That I really am getting lonely? Or just stressed and needing to relax a bit? 'cause it's pretty unusual for me to dream of specific people - actually, I don't dream that often, period.

Kinda amusing, actually - even in this dream, I still had to modify the van we were traveling in, only 'cause it would make more sense for that van to be larger - plus, it'd mean I'd be closer to Senpai, 'cause then I could sit in the far back with the. Heheh. ^^;;

Still, was nice to be with her again, even if it was just a dream - definitely woke up happier than normal and really didn't want to get out of bed. Could have continued dreaming (reload dream; run~; or something of that sort.), probably, but I do have classes today. Sigh.

Too bad daydreams aren't as realistic. And yes, I dream in color. The grass was green. The van was white, with darker colored seats/interior. I wasn't paying attention to what I was wearing, although it involved a t-shirt, and shorts... Senpai had her usual brown khakis, sneakers, and a light colored t-shirt. The bucket of ping pong balls was red, moderately sized. The curb was in pretty decent detail, 'cause I had to pick up several ping pong balls that Senpai pegged at me. I've forgotten the dialog already...
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