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Mmmm, musicals...

Always so much better, and so much more interesting than songs of love or love lost. I think that's the reason why I like them so much. And other songs that don't involve the overdone themes of love-stuff. Like Nightwish how is good. And Evanescence.

This is not to say that that all songs of love-stuff be bad~ it's just... there's other more more interesting things, ya know?

That aside, I have a random craving for Sondheim, at the moment, notably Assassins and Into The Woods. Bounce wasn't that interesting... Candide was ok, but it feels... older. I have Company, Follies, Pacific Overtures, Sunset Blvd., West Side Story, and a number of other things, but I haven't listened to those yet. Oh, Sweeny Todd was good, but I actually didn't get a feel of Sondheim from it.. not really. Not like how Bounce was quite similar (in musical themes) to Into The Woods. Or it might have been, I've just forgotten.

[ referencing this list = ]
[ append ] Oh, yeah, that would make sense.. Sondheim was involved with all of those listed, but he didn't necessarily write the music. ie. he wrote the lyrics for West Side Story and the music was by someone else. No wonder it doesn't sound quite like Sondheim.....

[ append #2 ] Hey, Bounce isn't on that list. Ok, now I'm just confuzzled. What the hey?
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