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Hour exams...

And yes, so the second set of hour exams are on us. Although this time, they're nicely spaced out at one per week, ECE210, CS225, and PHYS212. Annoyingly enough, CS225 didn't come out as well as I had hoped (the grade's a B-, but seriously should have been higher.) The problem there? Too much copying and pasting of old code, so I wasn't sure of syntax on the day of the exam, resulting in some made up crap, and a completely incorrect section, resulting in a loss of 'bout 15 points. Ow, yes. Stupid also. Frigging hell, this was supposed to be my best class. Although... I still prefer Java. And Perl.

ECE210... I'm going through and reviewing chapters 1-3 today, redoing all of the homework problems, plus the extra ones. I'm going to try and install the simulator thing to generate more problems and work on those. Hope the learning curve isn't too steep for that.

Another problem of mine is that I'm lazy. I hate... and I mean, I seriously despise memorizing things. Honestly, it's just stupid. If I just went and memorized some basic things, things that logically make sense, but still take too long to think out on the exams (or, god forbid, my brain freezes like it did for the first ECE exam, and refuses to think much at all)... life would be easier.

Physics. bleh, I've always hated the EM section of physics. I'll study more, but not for a while. This is the last exam of the three that are coming up.

Ice skating starts this week. Let's not break anything, kitty. I don't want to regret taking this class.

I'm not going to be on AIM much this weekend.

PC has been installed and it runs. I've sunk a few hours into the Shrine Maiden series (th07 and th09 - go look them up yourself). And I'm getting tired of it, which is good - I need to not want to play them, so studying can get done. Kinda like how I'm tired of Kill Monty, that kickass game that I've unlocked all difficulty levels for, and just about all other things, 'cept for Jen's various other uniforms. Too lazy to go do that, and can't seem to find it. ModelSim/Xilinx runs on the PC too, which is good. I need that. I need to install VNC as well, or figure out how to get it running so I can get in remotely, and free up 4 GB of Virtual PC WinXP hard drive space.

Chances are, this won't be the last post for this weekend, even though it should be. I do procrastinate on livejournal, but not for hours on end. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there... no more than 30 minutes a day, I believe, on blogs in total.

I need to write some PHP scripts. Then I'll be able to add PHP to my resume. It's similar enough to perl - reading the PHP for dummies book, and about... 20% done. Good light reading. MySQL's next on the list.

I want to blow something up. Or kill people. Or at the very least, get to snap at someone and tell them to fuck off or die.
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