Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Google Desktop

It is the sexy.

Yeah. Why isn't there one for Mac?

I mean, yes, it does take up precious desktop space, but seeing how you can resize it as you want, flatten it down to a floating bar on the desktop, or a fixed bar in the start-menu-bar thing, space isn't an issue. And having up-to-date news, stocks, system monitor, email, scratch pad, to-do list, weather, etc's nice.

I'm a bit iffy 'bout the indexing, so encryption has been turned on. No, it's not safe, 'cause, goodness knows, encryption can be broken, especially since there ain't no key we're putting in. So I'm turning it back off.

It's also interesting how it runs a webserver of sorts as a configuration method for things. Possible hacker-entry point?


"On Wednesday, Microsoft and Yahoo announced that they would open their own IM networks to each other, allowing people using Yahoo Messenger to chat with folks running MSN Messenger and vice versa."
-washington post, personal tech column (I think)
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