Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I do believe my iBook's going to die again, and very soon.

Today, after putting it to sleep, it refused to wake up. Upon powering it down, then booting it again, it booted. So I went back to watching anime. Minutes later, boom. Black screen, no more system response (no audio clicks from adjusting the audio, etc.) Caps locks still worked, so power was still on. Rebooted. Resumed watching anime. Again, a minute later, the black screen hit again. Restarting again caused it to go to a black screen. Power was on - caps locks worked, although it wasn't debounced (debounced: to eliminate the physical "bouncing" effect of a switch hitting the contact).

Holding power didn't make it turn off, so I ended up resetting the PRAM, which always turns it off (control-commmand-option-shift-POWER!) does the trick for iBooks. I'm sure that's not that good, but hey, it's the only option I had.

Well, then a series of reboots, in attempts to get it to work. Was not lucky and gave up after a while.

And now, about two hours later, I rebooted over and over - it works now, but I don't think it'll work for too long. Most things I backed up the night before - because it had been a while since I had backed up things. But there's still some 15 GB of stuff + applications that I need to backup. Once I free space off my external hard drive... XP

I'm going to be so glad for the PC... shall not be offline for the duration. It needs a firewire card. And I need to reformat my external to FAT32. Or find some way to enable HFS+ for WinXP.

Bleh. Time to study. ECE210 exam tomorrow, and I need a 95%. Or more. Wish me luck, I think I'll need it.

Oh, yeah, so this will make it the... what, 7th logic board issue? I really wish I knew why...
Magic - definitely not the problem. Have reasons.

Static discharges that flicker from my finger to the metal screws under the iBook, or the battery locking circle. But those should be grounded, right?

The way I handle my iBook - I have a tendency to pull it out of my messenger bag with one hand - grabbing the center of the iBook - I wandered around a bit, and one possibility someone else noted for their TiBook death was that a flexing board/case contacting the motherboard might have caused the frying. It's a possibility for me.

The fact that I carry it around everywhere. But really - don't see why that should be a problem.
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