Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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wait... what do you mean I'm early???

Yeah. I managed to go to two events an hour early today, due to not knowing/realizing that today was the funny change-your-clocks day. No, rather, I knew, 'cause my computer clock was off by an hour... but my clocks were off by an hour a week ago, so I just put it off as... something odd going on. And changed the clock back. =-.-=;;

So yeah. Went to the J-Net cultural night meeting, found no one there, gave up, wandered off to Everitt, where I was supposed to meet up with the IEEE workshop people. At which point, after checking the e-mail about the meeting time, and other stuff, several times, did I finally realize that, yes, I was actually an hour early.

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