Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oh, kick (much) ass...

When life equals out nicely...

(+)Did well on physics test, I think
(-)Cable guy came, signal strength is too low, need to wait for line technician to come and fix
(+)Cable is working anyways
(-)IBCorner's database just died on me. Don't frigging know why, and it pisses me off.
(+)Found DDR. Online. In flash form. This be root reason of for the subject. --> FFR (You'll need to click "FFRThe Game

Mind you, there's a minor difference in this game... pressing buttons randomly will cause you to lose life. However, life seems to increase much faster here too...

English and Chinese exam tomorrow. Then I'll be done~

[ edit | ... ran "mysqlcheck -erAp" (mySQL checking/repair utility, set to extended repair for all databases). Seems to have worked, server is back up until I start getting the expected calls from users telling me stuff doesn't work again. yippee. ]

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