Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I washed the dishes today. Was randomly good. Water is still too darn wet for my liking. ::sticks his tongue out at the water::

(Well, ok, truthfully, it's to make my mom think I'm good so I can avoid practicing piano... >.< I should go practice, yep, especially since her recital is coming up. ::sighs:: it's just barely memorized, probably has fallen back to unmemorized since I haven't played since start of exams. Eh, so minus 3 days of practice... yeah, probably unmemorized again now. Bother. Maybe I will be good and go practice.)

...Karen-senpai, if you're reading this, do tell me how the e-mail -> Gordon went/what his reply was/when Matrix Reloaded watching be/etc. [ edit | got e-mail from Gordon, query answered ] Thanks for letting us borrow Mario Smash Bros too, btw. Will return it eventually ^^;; whenever I see you next after Belinda's party.

[ edit | random afterthought ]
And Lady gave my book back, yayyayyayyayyay~ ::bounces, huggling the book::

To do: - Due Date: - Target date: - Start Date:
Extended Essay - Sept 5 - August 15 - In Progress
• Test Programs - July 10 - In Progress
• Rework Essay - August 15 - In Progress
System repairs - June 21 - June 19 - June 19
Chrono Cross (Game) - N/A - July 31 - In Progress
DDR (Game) - N/A - N/A - In Progress
Chinese Summer Homework - School Start - July 31 - July 14
Programming Project - School Start - June 30 - In Progress
SAT II Math - Sept ? - By Registration - Soon
SAT II Writing - Sept ? - By Registration - Soon
SAT II Physics - Sept ? - By Registration - Soon
Chinese IB Prep - N/A - August 31 - Now
English Summer Reading - School Start - August 31 - August 1
History Summer Assignment - School Start - August 31 - August 1
Write up Collage Applications - School Start - August 31 - August 24
Examine Collages - July ? - ? - ?
Volleyball - N/A - ? - ?
Piano - N/A - N/A - In Progress
Senior Photos - July 14 - N/A - N/A


Extended Essay: Get Test Programs from NASA site, add Table of contents, footnotes, read through and make changes to organization, check grammer, check spelling, check citations, stop, then run final proofread. Want it to be perfect when school starts

System Repairs: Back up software, Low Level Format HDD, Reinstall MacOS X 10.2+, install MSO, Apple SDK, Photoshop, CodeWarrior, Adobe Acrobat, install Apache?, install perl, install MySQL, install Perl Modules, install livejournal, send out welcoming e-mail

Chrono Cross: Finish the game.

DDR: It's exercise, a bit every day is good

Chinese Summer Homework: Finish stuff requiring writeups, them blank memorize words included.

Programming Project: Bring up to at least beta level. Items, Mobs, Player should all interact, battles should work perfectly, in-World creation should work, saving, loading should be possible and simple. Leave code optimization for later, but try to add as many comments to parts as possible to prevent forgetting of stuff.

SAT II Math, Writing and Physics: Work through textbook, take sample tests

Chinese IB Prep: Read newspapers, dictionary?

English Summer Reading: Read, analyze, take notes

History Summer Assignment: "Get together as a group?", read, take notes

Write up Collage Application: Gather applications, write

Examine Collages: Read websites, gather hotel data, and visiting times and routes

Volleyball: ugh, must do something about this, apparently

Senior Photos: ???????

Piano: play. play. play some more.

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