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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
PeerGuardian OSX
I can't run this. No. Not if it's going to block apple.com, and not have some easily configuration method / allow list. Or quick on/off switching.

Yes, being safe is good. No, being INSANELY paranoid is BAD.

Here's PeerSniper, for PeerGuardian OSX removal.

Hah, I should have done more research.

Apparently that PeerGuardian OSX was a pretty crappy attempt, according to the forums at phoenixlabs... And thus, here's PeerProtector!
http://forums.phoenixlabs.org/showthread.php?s=81de309e984c7c934d196e0e316911f5&t=10229, linked from http://forums.phoenixlabs.org/f65-peerguardian-osx.html

SHA1(PeerProtector_1.0.0.zip)= e42549b7cb7e14a697838fe075534b0506547d52

KLT Mirror: http://www.softvb.com/hosted/PeerProtector_1.0.0.zip

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