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Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire - Thoughts

It was ok. The thing that irked me the most was the randomness of some of the scenes, and the random lack of other ones that I thought should have been included. Granted, it is on the longer side already, but there were weird things that didn't need emphasizing.

For examples:
- Lack of the Quidditch World Cup stuff - an abrupt cut to rampaging wizards. Yeah, um, what?
- Changes in plot from the book. Diverging badly, like the exclusion of Winky, SPUD (or whatever it was - although this was slightly more minor), and having Harry fly all the way around the castle to lose the horntail. WTF was up with that? We wasted some 50 minutes with that. And I was hoping to see some of the other contestants too.
- Annoying reporter woman was not revealed as an animagus. Not exactly too major, although she was shown in person at the second challenge. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
- The whole things felt strung together, like someone did cutting and pasting at the last moment, in an attempt to shorten it.
- Dumbledore was odd. He revealed more of his emotions than usual, which was surprising. And the whole pensive thing? No... Why not just stick to the book, let harry be curious. I mean, yeah, ok, we show dead?fainted crotch, but harry rushes in... to do what? No outburst, no talk, and poof, off runs Dumbledore.
- Bath scene could have been lengthened. Show us the awesome bubbles - you've got the technology to make them, so make them. And I thought the mermaid was a statue...? And she was supposed to be sleeping. And moaning Myrtle had different lines, I think. More made-up stuff?
- Oh, yeah, what the hey? I was pretty sure there were a LOT more students in Hogwarts than were present for the dance. Although that might just be my imagination...
- End of the ball... WTF? Hermione's ending outburst was weird... o.O "They get scary when they get older..." "RON, YOU SPOILED EVERYTHING!" (oh, nevermind, slight artistic freedom, and time shifting with events. Although the words were kinda odd, and seeing Hermione bursting out in tears like that did rather make me feel quite sorry for her.)
- No Giant-related outburst from Madame Maxime
- No Myrtle underwater, and strange attacks at the end of the second task...
- The lack of dangers in the maze, aside from it being alive and all.

- Harry being glomped by Hermione was a nice touch, then getting glared at by Dumbledore. I was amused.
- Hermione reminded me of Sis when she had her hair done up and in that dress. amused there too... but um, what was with the "Go to bed!"/stupid boys part after the dance? Did I miss something there? Or was more stuff implied?
- Fleur's sister was prettier than Fleur, methinks.
- Ron's dress robes amused me. So much. Although I did feel sorry for Parvati and Padma.
- I need to learn how to dance. Without the fuss of taking lessons, 'cause I'm poor, both in terms of time and money. Anyone wanna offer to teach me without costing me too much of the former, and preferably none of the latter?


You know, upon looking at the story again, I think it would have been somewhat hard to them to make it so that it would work, if they included the houseelves, and other things, 'cause it was quite well tied together at the end, and to include things would mean including other things, which would mean include yet some other things, and with the obvious time limits, that wouldn't be possible. Pity though.

Oh well, I guess, it was a good movie. Not better than the previous ones - not enough of the bouncing ferret - but it could have been better. I almost want to watch the other ones again. Maybe I'll just hunt down the soundtracks instead...
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