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Whee~ There's 7 more pages of Fur-Piled out!

And you know, I need an entry of all the webcomics that I follow, so I can refer back to this entry when I can't access my bookmarks. (Yeah, I should just use delicious, but I'm too lazy to do that organization. That'll have to wait for another dayperiod of procrastination.)

So, without further ado, the strange things I read:
Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy - pervy, humor, etc. There's a tentacled creature, what more can you ask for? =^.-=
Tsunami Channel - was cute at points, although there hadn't been posts for a long while, although it looks like he's coming back. From CMU, I believe.
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - crossing a magical girl with a guy, you get... a magical guy. ^^;;
Bowspirit's Aim - xella's webcomic, currently on hiatus.
9thElsewhere - to quote the top of the page: "the story of an unhappy girl and her oddball muses trapped in a dreamscape"
MegaTokyo - If you don't know what MegaTokyo is, well... erm... you're not online enough.
Herd Thinners - Updated daily (yay!), 'bout an alternate world of furries. Often geeky, which is nice.
Sluggy Freelance - Also updated daily. Also been running for quite a long time now (just like herd thinners... which I didn't exactly mention up there.)
Neko The Kitty - Currently on hiatus, I think?
Catharsis - Updated... daily? 'bout a girl, her pet dragon, a squirrel, and fuzz balls. Oh, and funny talking cherries in loincloths.
Anime Arcadia - Humor, I wish I was that guy. I want a catgirl. or cat. Or erm. Anyways....
Fur-Piled - furry, updated.. erm, occasionally.
Better Days - A more serious comic, the lives of two kittens (er, furries, yes) growing up.
Grand Blue Door - occasionally updated. That aside... erm, I dunno. It was going somewhere, but I've forgotten.
AppleGeeks - updated every monday and thursday, 'bout well.. Apple Geeks. :D Humor.
Drowtales - Can I just say fantasy, and leave it at that? It's also more serious...
The Seraph Inn - Awesomely drawn webcomic, with a plot. Has elves, humans, and erm... a fuzzy creature that's oh so huggable. :D
Ctrl-Alt-Del - Humor, mostly.
Inherit the Earth - Erm, humans have died out, furries take over, and that's all I know. It's just starting, although updating slowly.
VG Cats - humor, mostly gaming humor.

(o.O wow, I read a lot..)
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