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Being pulled over for DUI...; Exam schedule

It's worth the few minutes, trust me.


Oh, yeah, someone remind me to post some of these Hooked on Classics pieces. Just pulled a number off gnutella-esque networks, so I can figure out which Hooked on Classics albums I might actually want to go buy. 'cause 128 kbps just ain't enough, for classical music, you know.


Stuff remaining:
Friday (tomorrow)
9 AM - Ice Skating written exam.
10:45 AM - Interview with Apple. o.O I can't believe I actually agreed to an interview. Fuck, I don't have formal shoes here with me... not like it's safe to walk in formal shoes right now. ::would slip and DIE::
3:00 PM - Work form stuff with TIS for temp job doing textbooks and such. Yay temp jobs.

8 AM - 11 AM : CS225 Final Exam
7 PM - 10 PM : ECE210 Final Exam

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM : PHYS212 Final Exam

Then I'll be done. Bus + Flight home on the 19th. Departing here at 8:45, arriving home by 6:40
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