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Interview with Apple

So I got dressed - not all that well, a light blue shirt, dark blue tie with red lines running across it, and the light colored pants, along with the sports jacket-esque thing.

The apple guy was nice, more or less. Apparently an engineer, and not a manager, so he said my resume would be forwarded to the managers for them to decide if they need someone with my skills.

"If you get a job at apple, you won't need to wear a tie again. We don't do that sort of thing here."

Odd questions asked includes:
1) Make a class with the first animal you think of. (This was rather icky - I don't know if I did what he was looking for. I made a class with a default contructor, a values contructor, and methods including moveCat, dyeFur, and incrementAge)
2) How many barbers do you think there are in america? (This one ended up needing some prompting from him to get me going in a better direction. I started off with number of towns in america, then dividing that number by a random number of barber to people ratio. But he suggested working with the number of people who needed a haircut, amount of time it took to do a haircut, and the number of time the barber's have.)

Normal questions included:
- What classes are you taking right now?
- Tell me about your jobs (Krannert, and random programming projects...)
- So you've used mac: which ones? (PowerPC, dual processor G4, iBook G4)

The whole interview was relatively informal... at least, there was no icky grilling.


I was a bit surprised though - there was less about technical stuff - and the job catagory I was interviewing for was Hardware Engineer: specifically, Systems Test. Although he noted that there's programming everywhere - so scripting skills was good.
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