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Slight boredom.

Got the Mushroom Kingdom/whatnot level for you, senpai. I like the level, you can walk off into the distance to your death.

There's not much more interesting (or less interesting) then watching level 9, electrically charged rodents battling it out. (am doing 4 of the same kind battles, set on level 9, 200% damage)

...I swear, Link is wearing skirts.... Trying to figure out if he's wearing panties, briefs or boxers down there, but alas, he never get's thrown in the right direction to flash the audience. ::sighs::

nyah.. it's disturbing, in the end game/score results for battles, the foxs tails keeps waving and waving and waving... in unison too... are they supposed to have muscles there ("Hah, My tail can lift a ton!" "Oh yeah? I can lift two tons on my tail!" "Bah, that's nothing, I can hop around on my tail, wanna see?" >.< )

So far, the pikachu battles were the coolest... 4 Donkey Kongs is like watching 4 idiots bashing at each other... yipes, if you stop the battle for the 4 DKs and go to the score screen that you get after a battle, there's bug... the DK's hands go through the hands of the one next to it.

Mmmm... the 4x Captain Falcoln battle's pretty cool, everyone goes flying... OMG, HE HAS BREASTS... You can see his nipples... ewwwwwwww.........

---more observations to come later.

Oh, and IBCorner is up, although there's stuff I should test before letting it go public... but I really don't feel like it... so hopefully everything goes well and maybe we won't have to ever do this again.
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