Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Perv-alize~ childrens songs.

Ben (5:13:59 PM): eh, it was the usually christmas music.
stuff 'bout Santa making a list of good and bad people, and peeking into people's lives (the PERV! >.> I bet he watches little boys while they shower...) and deciding if they're good or bad.
Oneesama (5:14:56 PM): >_<;;
why must every child-oriented song/game/movie be capable of being interpretted with perverted undertones?!
Ben (5:16:06 PM): :: blinks:: that's not true.
Ben (5:16:55 PM): "I'm a little teapot" can't be perverted...
I don't think..
Oneesama (5:17:39 PM): [...] i'm a little teapot? ....could be, if you work at it... >_<
Ben (5:17:56 PM): ...
Ben (5:18:47 PM): :: shakes his head:: what about... erm... >.> <.< "London bridge is falling down"?
can't perv-alize a bridge falling, can you?
Oneesama (5:20:05 PM): honestly, i don't want to try and "perv-alize" anything else consciously (awesome new word, btw ;) )

(slightly edited to remove other, non-point discussion topics)

So~ question to you all:
Is it true that all child-oriented songs/games/movies are capable of being interpretted with perverted undertones?

And also: Is it possible to pervert "London bridge is falling down"?

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