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PearLyrics V0.6, pearLyricsV0_6.dmg

Some other mirrors of the PearLyrics dmg found at jwz's post here.

To quote off the developer's page:
pearLyrics is (or should I say was) a Mac OS X tool for displaying song lyrics of the track currently played in iTunes. Song lyrics are fetched either directly from the music file via iTunes, from text files in a local directory, or are searched and fetched from publicly available websites. For faster access next time it provides an option to cache found lyrics from the Internet locally (depending on the users choice either as a text file in an Application Support folder or directly in iTunes).

What happened?
Warner/Chappell Music Limited issued a C&D letter (Cease and desist), and since the developer didn't have the time or money for a lawsuit (or didn't want to face the complexities), he pulled it from his site.

The fact that said company did this, and also, apparently has not responded to the developer's mails annoys me immensely. When you don't respond, that crosses the line from honestly wanting it to be stopped, to the same thing as spam bots. Harvest contact information based on a certain criteria, then use that to fire off annoying crap.

Therefore, I'll be putting this up, in several places:
Azureus magnet link:
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:IITDYHFQYOVTB6PBMU24E5BKTAI73RXG (at least 30 days...) (valid forever? 21 days)

YouSendIt links (valid until the 16th?)


Yahoo Mirror :D


Oh, and Claudia Witting? Walter Ritter of pearworks wants the following passed onto you: Hey, if you ever happen to meet her, could you just tell her that something in my heart needs her more than even clowns need the laughter of the crowd? [ source | PearLyric's ReadMe.rtf file ]
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