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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Hahaha, good lord, I think I just wrote my first fanfic...

"Oh Mario, I love your blushingly red outfit, and that sexy mustasche... and your lucious lips, oh, let me kiss them!" Luigi said again to Mario who in the midst of replaying one of his own games (Super Mario RPG, to be precise) while doing the best he could to ignore his little brother. Luigi went on, nevertheless, not noticing Mario's displeasure, "And your marble muscles, and that sexy 6-pack of yours, oh, let me caress them~" Luigi reached for Mario who finally snapped and yelled, "Would you please stop that! Go, oh, practice on Bowser or something!"
*enter Bowser, stage left*
"You called my name, oh plumber?" Bowser rumbled.
"Doh, fuck, could you wait outside for a moment? I'm about to borrow you to break open this door. I'll fight you later." Mario said, not completely realizing who he was actually replying to.
Bowser growled and raised a iron covered hand to bash Mario when he suddenly felt a hand on his ass. "Hey there, sexy!" Luigi said, cheerfully grinning up at Bowser who jumped in surprise and then frantically tried to not look so shocked.
"NYWAH! Don't EVER touch the royal ass again!" Bowser screamed at Luigi, who just grinned and pounced at Bowser. Bowser, failing to duck fast enough, was knocked over by Luigi.
Suddenly a high, feminine voice sreeched, "MAAAAAAAAAARIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO~ I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU~" Bowser and Princess Toadstool appeared at the door. Seeing the two on the floor, however, stopped her dead in her tracks. "Oh. My. Toadstools! What in Mushrooms Name are You Two DOING!?!?"
Luigi just grinned and pointed at Bowser and stated, "Sexy!"
Princess Toadstool just rolled her eyes, put her hands on her hips and demanded at Bowser, "And you?"
Bowser just open and closed his mouth from surprise, then blinking, caught himself, "Why aren't you in my dungeon!?? I caught you this morning....."
"Oh, that? I got out, Iggy gave me the key 'cause I told him I needed to go to the bathroom. But you still haven't answered my question...."
"I... I... This isn't what it seems!!!"
Toadstool turned to Mario, "Umhm, sure... and Mario? What were you doing while I was caught in this," she glanced back over at Bowser, "gay turtle's dungeon."
Mario, still busy in Booster's Tower, replied absently, "Rescuing you, my love. I"m coming..."
Toadstool sighed and turned to leave, "Fine, have fun you three... I'm going to go look for Wendy."

Right. It sucks much, and probably in more ways than one ^.-

Wow, I'm bored. Need to decide between practicing piano, working on the MUD, or going to study chinese. I should take a nap too, was up til 'bout 2 AM getting IBCorner working... I should test qmail some more, but I think it works at the moment. Yeah.. Mrf. I send the welcome e-mail by qmail, so if you didn't get it, then I still have problems to work out. I'll come back on AIM as soon as I finish copying my files back from my sister's iMac...

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marbenais From: marbenais Date: June 20th, 2003 09:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

Sleep, piano, sleep, Chinese, sleep, MUD, sleep.
mindscan From: mindscan Date: June 21st, 2003 04:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
did you say work on MUD? :)
where where where??
thats so cool!
ibneko From: ibneko Date: June 22nd, 2003 03:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
^_^ I'm in the middle of (co-)writing/developing/programming a MUD in Java with Han X. At the moment, walking around and wielding weapons are the only things that seem to work completely nicely... Trying to get worlds to load correctly, almost there... and battle needs to be tweaked so people actually start hitting each other. Dunno, Han's in charge of setting up the battle formulas and originally people would hit each other every round but he's added dice rolls and stuff so people are nearly almost consistantly missing.

Where: telnet://darwin.servehttp.com/ (regular telnet port)
will need to find a permament host, since my computer, although up nearly 24/7, still only has about a 90% uptime rating. (ok, that was a random number, I think I'm randomly trying to sound cool. 90% of 365 days. so that's... approx 37 days in a year that I'm offline. Hmm... about right, methinks, usually 1-2 a month.)

Hmm, if you want to lend a hand at building or coding even, tell me. Might have to set up CVS sometime (concurrent version service/system? essentially helps let multiple people code at once, you 'check out' files, make changes, then 'submit' them back to the server and the server checks for any inconsistancies...)
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