Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Song in Honey and clover, english lyrics

Mite minu furi no mainichi ni naresugita
Before I realized it, I was used to the everyday,

Boku wa miushinatta
I got lost.

Garanimonaku kyou kimi no yasashii kotobani
Even though it's not like me, to your kind words.

Jibun wo hidoku hajiita
I felt embarrassed by myself.

Suiheisen no mukougawaga marudenozokerukurai
Almost like I can look into the horizon...

Haresugita sora kagerihahitotsukaenai
Too bright the sky to do anything,

Dare kaga boku wo kegashita dakara boku mo
Someone hurt me, so I too,

hito wo uragittakita
hurt someone.

Ai no katachi wo baka-rashi tsukurimonodato
How stupid the shape of love is.

koso koso waratta
I laughed quietly.

Tookude hakouga yureteiru
Faraway waves of light move...

Mou kanashii kotomo subarashii kotomo
I don't want to purposely break [this isn't right, is it... subarashii is.. great, isn't it?)

Muriyari fumi tsubushi takunai
sad or even beautiful things anymore.

Episode 4 of honey and clover, near the end.
Translation credits go to C1, not a group I'm familiar with.

Some of the longer word were badly split - so I've added some spaces in obvious places, like between "Boku" and "wa" on line two. I'm surprised at the number of word/phrases I recognized... nice to know I haven't forgotten everything I learned. I should review stuff at some point.
Tags: japanese, lyrics

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